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In New Tillis TV Ad, Veterans Condemn Cunningham For Violating Code of Military Justice

October 19th, 2020 Ad Comes As Cunningham Faces Investigation By U.S. Army Reserve CHARLOTTE, N.C. – In a new TV ad released today by the Tillis campaign, four United States Army …Read More

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Cunningham’s “Disastrous,” “Brutal,” “Uncomfortable,” “Cringeworthy” Press Conference Made Scandal Worse

Cunningham Refuses To Answer Any Additional Questions On Scandal, Further Underscoring Overall Hypocrisy Of His Candidacy

MEMO: Cunningham Crumbling Due to Hypocrisy, Not Sex

Tillis Campaign Statement On Tonight’s Spectrum Debate Victory

Video Statement: Tillis On Amy Coney Barrett’s Nomination To The Supreme Court

Tillis, NCFOP, NC Troopers Association Condemn Shootings Of Louisville Police Officers

In Post Debate Debate Flip-Flop, Cunningham Tells Biden Not To Release List of SCOTUS Nominees

Tillis Campaign Statement On Tonight’s Nexstar Senate Debate Victory

NEW: Cal Cunningham Defunded The Police As State Senator

Three In A Row: Tillis Lands Third Straight Endorsement From Top NC Law Enforcement Organization

Tillis Statement On Justice Ginsburg’s Legacy; SCOTUS Vacancy

The Questions Cunningham Needs To Answer At Tuesday’s Nexstar Debate

Memorandum: State of the Race: North Carolina Senate, September 15th, 2020

In A Stunning Admission: Cunningham Says He Won’t Take FDA Approved COVID-19 Vaccine

North Carolina Police Benevolent Association Endorses Senator Tillis Ahead Of WRAL Debate

Memorandum: Weekly Campaign Update, 9/13/20

Tillis Signs Pledge To Support Law Enforcement

Tillis Takes Statewide Small Business Tour To Brunswick County & Joins President Trump In Wilmington

North Carolina Troopers Association Endorses Senator Tillis

Tillis Spends Week Meeting With North Carolinians As Cunningham Hides In “Windowless Basement”

Cunningham Doubles Down On Abusing Tax Credit To Renovate His Home

Tillis Again Discusses Differences With Cunningham On Paycheck Protection Program

Tillis In Interview With WNCT: “Cal Cunningham refuses to debate us on the statewide stage”

Cunningham Continues To Intentionally Mislead Voters On His PPP Hypocrisy

Fayetteville Observer: Tillis gets feedback on Paycheck Protection Program, hopes for additional funding to go to small businesses

Cunningham’s Tax-Hiking Agenda Showcased In New Tillis TV Ad

Tillis Accepts Debate With CNN While Cunningham Backtracks On Five Debate Pledge

NFIB Fed Pac Endorses Senator Tillis In Virtual Roundtable

Fact-Checkers Confirm Cunningham Raised Taxes By $1 Billion

Tillis Campaign Releases New Digital Ad On Cunningham’s Lack Of PPP Transparency

Cunningham Is “Proud” Of His Vote To Raise Taxes By $1 Billion In Recession

Tillis Continues To Contrast Pro-Jobs Agenda With Cunningham’s PPP Hypocrisy

Tillis Accepts Dates For Debate With North Carolina Association of Broadcasters

Tillis Hammers Cunningham For PPP Hypocrisy In Interview With Spectrum News

New TV Ad Contrasts Tillis’ Paycheck Protection Program Successes With Cunningham’s Lies And Hypocrisy

Memo: Ideology Still Matters In North Carolina

Cunningham Doubles Down On Raising Taxes By $1 Billion During Recession

ICYMI: Tillis Slams Cunningham Record Of Tax Increases and Medicaid Mismanagement In Interview With WRAL

ICYMI: Tillis Talks Contrast With Cunningham In Interview With WLOS-Asheville

Tillis Continues To Deliver For North Carolina In Fight Against COVID-19

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Tillis Has Delivered For North Carolina In Fight Against COVID-19
Cunningham Refuses To Answer Any Additional Questions On Scandal, Further Underscoring Overall Hypocrisy Of His Candidacy
Cunningham’s “Disastrous,” “Brutal,” “Uncomfortable,” “Cringeworthy” Press Conference Made Scandal Worse