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Your questions about the Phase III Stimulus

April 3rd, 2020 What Families, Workers, And Small Businesses Need To Know My top priority right now is doing everything I can to protect the physical and economic health of …Read More

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Coronavirus Newsletter Update, March 29th 2020

Why Does Cunningham Want A President Who Will Raise Taxes On The Middle Class?

New Tillis Campaign Digital Ad Highlights Cunningham’s Support For Radical Liberal Agenda

Tillis Statement On The Senate Democratic Primary

“Trump’s Words Offered A Boost To Tillis”

President Trump: “Thom Is A Champion For The People of North Carolina”

ICYMI: Tillis Talks Reelection With WRAL’s David Crabtree Ahead Of Super Tuesday

The Democratic Primary Has Been A Race To The Left

ICYMI — National Review: “Dem NC Senate Frontrunner Backs Lowering Tuition after Multiple Votes for Tuition Hikes”

Tillis Goes On Offense As Opponents Feel The Bern

Tillis Blasts Democratic Opponents For Supporting Socialist Bernie Sanders

Cal Cunningham’s Week Was A Complete Disaster

Cunningham Walks The Plank For Schumer On Impeachment

Schumer’s Handpicked Candidate Refuses To Break With Him On Bipartisan USMCA

Fact Check Affirms Contrast Between Tillis, Democratic Opponents On Sanctuary Policies

Cunningham Panders To Radical Left, Refusing To Take Stand On USMCA

Tillis Challenges Democratic Opponent To Five General Election Debates

Cunningham In Lockstep With Pelosi On Impeachment

Sanctuary Policies Result In Gruesome Violence, Do Cunningham And Smith Still Support Them?

With Pelosi Still Holding Impeachment Hostage, Will Cal Cunningham Come Out Of His Windowless Basement And Address The Issue?

Do Cal Cunningham And Erica Smith Agree With Nancy Pelosi Holding The Articles Of Impeachment Hostage And Delaying The Passage Of The USMCA?

While His Democratic Challengers Prioritize Impeachment, Senator Tillis Is Getting Things Done For North Carolinians

The Tax Cuts And Jobs Act Was Passed Two Years Ago This Week, Would Cal Cunningham and Erica Smith Repeal It?

North Carolina’s Senior House Democrat Supports Impeaching President Trump – Where Does Cal Cunningham Stand?

ICYMI: Senator Tillis On Impeachment: “While they were focused on this, they haven’t focused on things that people in North Carolina want done”

What They Are Saying: Tillis Officially Files For Re-election And Reiterates Firm Stance Against Impeachment

Senator Tillis Files For Reelection

ICYMI: WCNC-Charlotte – Tillis opens Charlotte campaign office, supports Trump, opposes impeachment

Nancy Pelosi Announces That The House Will Proceed With Impeachment, What Does Cal Cunningham Think?

Tillis Campaign Statement On Democratic Challengers Filing For The U.S. Senate

Even Erica Smith Thinks Cal Cunningham Is Hiding In A Windowless Basement

Tillis Campaign Announces “Farmers for Tillis” Leadership Team

Cal Cunningham Is In Deep Trouble In His Primary Because He’s Dodging Key Issues Cunningham Loves To Talk About Poll Numbers, What Does He Think Of Fox News’ Latest Survey?

Tillis Campaign Announces “Veterans For Tillis” Leadership Team

Tillis Campaign Announces Statewide Grassroots Leadership Team

Tillis Statement On Elizabeth Warren’s Visit To North Carolina

Why Do Cal Cunningham And Erica Smith Favor Wasting Tax Dollars To Track Down Violent Illegal Immigrants Who Should Still Be In Custody?

Do Smith and Cunningham Still Support Sanctuary Cities After Yesterday’s Release Of An Illegal Immigrant Child Molester In Buncombe County?

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Tillis Campaign Announces Statewide Grassroots Leadership Team
Tillis’ New Television Ad Highlights His Record Of Working With President Trump To Secure The Border