Cunningham Refuses To Answer Any Additional Questions On Scandal, Further Underscoring Overall Hypocrisy Of His Candidacy

October 9th, 2020

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Tillis for Senate campaign manager Luke Blanchat issued the following statement after Cal Cunningham held a virtual press conference in which he hypocritically refused to answer any questions about his recently revealed scandal.

“Cal Cunningham’s refusal to answer questions makes him unfit for office. The Cal Cunningham of just a week ago was making his personal life the cornerstone of his campaign, but now that the real Cal Cunningham has been exposed, he no longer believes questions about his personal life are relevant. Cunningham was asked four times whether he engaged in extramarital affairs in addition to the one that the media has already confirmed, and he refused to deny it each time. North Carolinians deserve a full explanation from Cunningham on his misconduct, which he is clearly unwilling to provide. Cunningham is a complete hypocrite who today demonstrated that he has no character, no honor, and no business representing North Carolina in the United States Senate. Reporters should continue pushing Cunningham for answers — because, as the old Cal Cunningham used to say, the truth still matters in North Carolina.”