Thom's Record

Thom Tillis is a husband, father, grandfather, and proud North Carolinian who was elected to the United States Senate in 2014. He previously served as Speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives.

Thom has established himself as a common-sense fiscal conservative and an outspoken critic of tax increases and wasteful government spending. He is passionate about serving, protecting and advocating for active military members, our veterans, and their families. He proudly supports President Donald Trump and his administration’s policy initiatives, including his support of Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh and the President’s stance on border security.

Prior to his public service, Thom enjoyed a successful management consulting career that focused on complex organizational streamlining and efficiency outcomes. Thom's private sector experience provided him with a deep understanding of fiscal management policy making and transformation of multi-faceted organizations.

During his time as Speaker of the House, he led North Carolina’s “conservative revolution” by spearheading efforts to eliminate the state’s budget deficit while cutting taxes, raising teacher pay, implementing wide-scale reforms on regulation, unemployment insurance, and medical malpractice. He also helped push through efforts to implement voter ID, improve protections for the unborn, and strengthen 2nd amendment rights in North Carolina.

During his first term in the United States Senate, Thom has employed his trademark results-oriented approach to become an effective first-term Senator. He currently sits on the key Judiciary, Armed Services, Veterans Affairs, and Banking committees. He has played pivotal roles in major pieces of legislation and has intervened with the federal government on behalf of thousands of North Carolinians.

Thom and his wife, Susan, live in Huntersville in the Lake Norman area. Thom's very active lifestyle includes single-track mountain biking and boating and water sports.