Memorandum: State of the Race: North Carolina Senate, September 15th, 2020


To: Interested Parties

From: Glen Bolger

Re: State of the Race: North Carolina Senate

Date: September 15th, 2020

Key Findings

  1. Last night, Cal Cunningham had the worst debate performance since Gerald Ford said there is no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe in 1976.

Cunningham showed why he is spending so much time in his basement, because he managed to come out against science and the police in one debate.

First, Cunningham said he was hesitant to get a vaccine for COVID-19, signaling to his supporters that they should allow their health and safety to take a back seat to political considerations.  Working to undermine the professionalism of the FDA and America’s innovative companies is irresponsible. It’s a bold move to come out against hope. It’s reckless to come out against hope backed by science.

Then, Cunningham laughed when Senator Tillis talked about the monstrous shooting of the two police officers in Compton, California. There is no telling what was going through Cunningham’s mind at the time, but there is no doubt he is worried about cutting off the amount of money he is receiving from left-wing voters in California.

  1. Averaging the last four public polls in North Carolina show that Thom Tillis is statistically tied in the North Carolina Senate race.

The same four surveys (Monmouth, Benenson/GS Strategy Group, Rasmussen, and CNN) also have the presidential race within the margin of error. With seven weeks to go in the election, Senator Tillis and Cal Cunningham are set to battle it out until the end. This is a familiar place to be for the Tillis campaign; in the 2014 race he was written off by many of the pundits before defeating Kay Hagan. This 2020 campaign is going down to the wire.

The Bottom Line

Cal Cunningham committed two grievous errors last night, attacking science and being flippant about the shooting of two police officers. It is important to ensure that all voters in North Carolina learn about Cunningham’s recklessness.