Tillis Continues To Contrast Pro-Jobs Agenda With Cunningham’s PPP Hypocrisy

August 11th, 2020

Discusses Campaign In Interview With WXII’s Kenny Beck

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – In an interview with WXII’s Kenny Beck last night, Senator Thom Tillis echoed the new TV ad that he released last week and continued to contrast his efforts to save North Carolina jobs with Cal Cunningham’s hypocritical criticisms of the Paycheck Protection Program. Tillis also discussed the need to heed the advice of the experts when it comes to school openings and sports, the push for a COVID-19 vaccine and the need for another stimulus package.

Watch the full interview HERE


  • SENATOR TILLIS: We absolutely have to pass a follow up to the CARES Act. We have to provide support to individuals through a $1200 payment. They need that money to pay their rent, to pay for food.

    KENNY BECK: He (Tillis) says North Carolinians know that he works for them and uses the Paycheck Protection Program as an example.

    SENATOR TILLIS: Hundreds of thousands of jobs in North Carolina were saved by this program, which is why I can’t imagine anybody, including Cal Cunningham, a business that he worked for incidentally who got a loan, criticizing a program that saved so many jobs in North Carolina.