In New Tillis TV Ad, Veterans Condemn Cunningham For Violating Code of Military Justice

October 19th, 2020

Ad Comes As Cunningham Faces Investigation By U.S. Army Reserve

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – In a new TV ad released today by the Tillis campaign, four United States Army veterans condemn Cal Cunningham for having an affair with the wife of a disabled combat veteran and violating the Uniform Code of Military Justice. The ad comes as Cunningham, who earlier in the campaign ran ads of his own discussing the significance of his U.S Army oath and his commitment to protecting our soldiers, faces an investigationby the U.S. Army Reserve into his recently revealed misconduct. The 30-second spot will air statewide on cable television, broadcast television and digital platforms.

“Cal Cunningham and his liberal benefactor Chuck Schumer spent millions of dollars trying to portray Cunningham as a man of his word who will protect North Carolina military families, but that version of Cal Cunningham was one big lie,” said Tillis campaign manager Luke Blanchat. “The real Cal Cunningham is a hypocrite who disgraced his family, the Army and the people of North Carolina. Voters now know that they cannot trust Cal Cunningham and they will reject him on November 3rd.”

Watch “Code” HERE.


VETERAN 1: The Code of Military Justice.

VETERAN 2: All soldiers live by it. Just like the oath we all take.

VETERAN 3: It’s how soldiers know we can trust each other in combat.

VETERAN 4: It’s life and death.

VETERAN 3: Cal Cunningham violated his oath when he had an affair with another soldier’s wife.

VETERAN 4: That’s why the Army is investigating Cal Cunningham.

VETERAN 2: Veterans know we can’t trust Cal Cunningham.

VETERAN 4: And North Carolina can’t trust Cal Cunningham in the Senate.

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