Tillis Campaign Statement On Tonight’s Spectrum Debate Victory

October 1st, 2020

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Tillis for Senate campaign manager Luke Blanchat issued the following statement after Tillis’ victory in tonight’s Spectrum News Debate.

“Tonight, Senator Tillis won the debate by laying out the clear choice North Carolinians have in this election between a conservative leader who will continue to cut taxes, confirm well-qualified judges like Amy Coney Barrett, rebuild our economy, and keep North Carolinians safe, or liberal career politician Cal Cunningham, who will be a rubber-stamp for Chuck Schumer’s far-left agenda. While Senator Tillis understands what it’s like to work his way up from nothing to achieve the American Dream and won’t stop fighting to provide that opportunity to all North Carolinians, Cal Cunningham once again showed he will say anything to get elected. He continued to hide his true positions, refusing to answer questions on whether or not he would vote to raise taxes by $3 trillion, pack the Supreme Court with liberal activist judges, implement a job-killing Green New Deal and move America to a government-run health care system. Tonight’s debate further cemented that Senator Tillis is the only candidate who will put North Carolinians first and that Chuck Schumer will get all $80 million worth from the backroom deal he cut with Cal Cunningham to get in this race.