In Post Debate Debate Flip-Flop, Cunningham Tells Biden Not To Release List of SCOTUS Nominees

September 22nd, 2020

Cunningham: “I would counsel against it”

Minutes After Cunningham Refused To Take A Stand During The Debate, Cunningham Reverses Himself And Recommends Biden Keep His SCOTUS Shortlist Secret 

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – After liberal Cal Cunningham refused to say whether Joe Biden should release a list of potential Supreme Court nominees during Nexstar’s U.S. Senate debate, Cunningham reversed himself during the post-debate press conference, declaring he would “counsel against” Biden being open and transparent with the American people by disclosing his shortlist of left-wing candidates who would legislate from the bench.

“It may have taken until after the debate, but trial lawyer Cal Cunningham went back to saying whatever he thinks will best camouflage his extreme liberal identity and help him get elected,” said Tillis campaign spokesman Andrew Romeo. “Just like Cunningham was afraid of letting voters know where he stood while on the debate stage, he’s afraid of letting Biden disclose the names of the left-wing activist judges Cunningham will rubberstamp who will destroy religious freedom, strip away Second Amendment rights and put government in complete control the livelihoods of North Carolinians.”

During the post-debate press conference, Cunningham said he would “counsel against” Biden releasing a list of potential Supreme Court nominees. 

  • BRIAN MURPHY: I know it was asked several times in the debate whether or not Biden should release a list of Supreme Court candidates or nominees that he would consider. Do you favor him? Should he do that? Obviously, given the contentiousness of the Supreme Court at this point.
  • CUNNINGHAM: Look, it’s precisely my point. First of all, that’s up to him. I would counsel against it. (Cal Cunningham, Post Nexstar Debate, September 22, 2020)

However, the above comments were a reversal from the actual debate, when Cunningham refused to answer whether or not Biden should release a list of potential Supreme Court nominees despite being pressed multiple times. 

  • MODERATOR: Mr. Cunningham, should Joe Biden release his list of nominees?
  • CUNNINGHAM: Well, so look, this is just an effort to inject further partisanship into something that should be thoughtfully handled. That’s why the American people should weigh in. That’s why elections have consequences. That’s why the choice between me and Senator Tillis has an importance to the people of North Carolina. The U.S. Senator, a U.S. Senator, has a very important constitutional duty of advice and consent. Rather than write a blank check to the President of the United States as Senator Tillis has, we should thoughtfully consider the nominee that comes to the United States Senate in the next Congress. 
  • TILLIS: Cal, that was a yes/no question and you did everything to avoid answering it. But the fact of the matter is Joe Biden does not want to put a list forward. Look at it this way, if you take what Cal says, get it ready for the next step, leave it open for three or four months, why can’t the American people know now what Joe Biden is thinking with respect to the future of the court? It’s a court that will not defend our second amendment, it’s a court that will take us down a radical left path and that’s why Cal didn’t answer your question. (Nexstar Debate, September 22, 2020)