Tillis Rips Cunningham For Ducking Debates

July 15th, 2020

Cunningham Declined WLOS-Asheville Debate Yesterday

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – In an interview with NewsmaxTV last night, Senator Thom Tillis ripped Cal Cunningham for ducking debates because he is afraid to discuss his record of raising taxes, his Paycheck Protection Program hypocrisy, and how we would be just another rubber-stamp for the extreme liberal agenda. Tillis’ comments came the same day it was reported that Cunningham declined to accept WLOS-Asheville’s July debate invitation, robbing the people of western North Carolina of an opportunity to see the candidates engage face to face.

Watch the exchange from the Newsmax interview HERE.


SENATOR TILLIS: I think what we have on our side is a track record of success turning around the economy in North Carolina and doing the same thing at the federal level. Cal Cunningham’s contribution to the economic recovery of 2000 was to raise taxes. After ten years of fiscal malpractice, Republicans took control of the state legislatures and we got the job done. Cal Cunningham is actually even refusing to debate the issues. We’ve invited him – how many times does and incumbent invite a challenger to debates? He’s deferred on all. He said maybe he’ll have time in October because he knows his policies are failing. Where are you on the Green New Deal, Cal? Why is it that you criticize the Paycheck Protection Program when you actually worked for a company that applied for a loan? There are just too many things that I think when Cal Cunningham comes out of the basement and on the debate stage, we’re going to do just fine in November.  


During the Democratic primary, Cal Cunningham was eager to debate Senator Tillis. He accepted Senator Tillis’ challenge to debate five times during the general election, including debates prior to the fall. He doubled down on that pledge as late as March 4th. During the general election, however, Cunningham has broken his promise, only committing to three debates, none of which are prior to Labor Day. The Tillis campaign is still willing to entertain debate invitations for August.