Supreme Court Ruling Further Underscores Need For Tillis’ Legislation To Combat Sanctuary Cities

June 16th, 2020

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Yesterday, the Supreme Court declined to take up the Trump administration’s attempt to challenge California’s sanctuary city law, further underscoring the need for federal legislation to address the issue. The Court’s ruling also brought back into focus the stark contrast in the North Carolina Senate race when it comes to which candidate will keep Americans safe.

Senator Tillis has introduced multiple pieces of legislation to combat dangerous sanctuary cities. Cal Cunningham wants to “enable” them. 

While Cunningham originally attacked Senator Tillis’ sanctuary cities legislation because he claimed that it “punishes sheriffs,” he undercut his reasoning for opposing the measure last week during an interview with The Raleigh News & Observer.

Cunningham’s flip-flop on using federal aid to incentivize reforms for local law enforcement now leaves him without an explanation for why he supports dangerous sanctuary policies that put nearly 500 undocumented immigrants – including those charged with sex offenses, kidnapping, arson and homicide – back on to the streets of North Carolina in 2019.

With the issue now clearly in the hands of Congress instead of the Court, Cunningham needs to explain to North Carolinians what his new reason is for putting families at risk by enabling sanctuary cities.