Fact Checkers Confirm Cunningham’s Paycheck Protection Program Hypocrisy

July 20th, 2020

Lied About Employment At Company That Received Loan

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – On Friday, WRAL’s Politifact confirmed that Cal Cunningham is a hypocrite when it comes to the Paycheck Protection Program. The fact-checkers reinforced what other media outlets have been reporting for weeks – that Cunningham criticized the Paycheck Protection Program, while his company benefited from it.

As WRAL-Politifact summarized:

  • “Cunningham criticized the PPP to the extent that it wasn’t reaching enough companies and lacked adequate oversight” 
  • “As for WasteZero being ‘his’ company, Cunningham currently works for the company on a contract basis.”

The fact-checkers also noted that Cunningham’s campaign lied when they said he no longer worked at WasteZero. 

  • “Cunningham’s campaign told the Charlotte Observer that he left WasteZero on March 20
  • However, Bryla (WasteZero’s CEO) and Cunningham himself say he still does contract work for WasteZero and is paid on an hourly basis.
  • Cunningham told a McClatchy reporter that he is helping the company ‘transition’ to his successor, while a campaign spokeswoman tweeted that Cunningham ‘used to’ work there.”

This wasn’t the only lie Cunningham got caught telling this weekend. He also said in an interview with The Takeaway’s Amy Walter that he doesn’t want to “do away with the filibuster,” despite spending his failed 2010 Senate bid advocating to “end the filibuster’s stranglehold on the U.S. Senate.

While Cunningham’s lies about his work at WasteZero and the filibuster should prompt further questions, what is more concerning is that these are just the latest examples of how he’s spent his entire campaign saying one thing and doing another in an effort to deceive voters. North Carolinians don’t want another rubber-stamp for Chuck Schumer’s extreme liberal agenda in the Senate, and they have no reason to believe Cunningham when he tells them that he’ll go to Washington to be an independent voice.