Cunningham Caught Lying…Again

May 13th, 2020

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Last night, lifelong political opportunist Cal Cunningham was caught lying again by WRAL’s Politifact. Cunningham received a “mostly false” for his claim about Senator Tillis’ position on state and local COVID-19 relief. This is the second “mostly false” rating Cunningham has garnered from WRAL-Politifact to date, and another addition to a long-running list of pathetic lies he has been caught telling throughout his campaign.

Here’s a look back at just some of the other times Cunningham has been busted for lying to North Carolinians:

  1. Cunningham received a “mostly false” rating from WRAL-Politifact for his “no corporate money” pledge.
  2. Cunningham wrote an op-ed discussing his desire to lower the cost of college tuition, but the National Review pointed out shortly afterward that Cunningham has voted to increase college tuition both as UNC’s student-body president and as a state Senator. 
  3. Cunningham has cited immigration and trade as issues he could work with President Trump on, but he spent his primary calling the president’s trade policies “reckless,” refusing to back the USMCA, and pushing to “enable” sanctuary cities
  4. In order to avoid taking a position on the Green New Deal in an interview with Spectrum News, Cunningham claimed that it “isn’t a proposal.” 
  5. *And most recently, Cunningham broke his promise to debate Senator Tillis and still hasn’t accepted Nexstar’s debate invitation, which his campaign has had in its possession for over a week.*  

Cal Cunningham has proven time and time again over the course of this campaign that North Carolinians cannot trust a word that he says. Members of the media should also keep Cunningham’s consistent record of lying in mind next time he attempts to mislead the public about Senator Tillis in order to score cheap political points during this pandemic.