Cal Cunningham Has Spent His Entire Campaign Lying To North Carolinians

July 17th, 2020

Cal Cunningham has spent his entire campaign lying to North Carolinians, proving they can’t trust him when he promises he won’t be just another rubber-stamp for Chuck Schumer’s extreme liberal agenda. Below a list of all the falsehoods Cunningham has been caught telling so far:

  1. Cunningham received a “mostly false” rating from WRAL-Politifact for his “no corporate money” pledge.
  2. Cunningham lied about Senator Tillis’ position on state and local COVID-19 relief and received a “mostly false” rating from WRAL-Politifact.
  3. In an effort to fend off criticism for hypocritically criticizing the Paycheck Protection Program while his company (WasteZero) benefitted from it, Cunningham lied about when he stopped working for WasteZero.
  4. In January, Cunningham agreed to debate Senator Tillis five times. He’s now saying he will only participate in three debates and declined an invitation to debate with WLOS-Asheville.
  5. Cunningham said he could work with President Trump on trade and immigration, yet he spent his entire primary calling the president’s trade policies “reckless,” refusing to support USMCA and pushing to “enable” sanctuary cities.
  6. Cunningham pretended to support the lowering of college tuition in an op-ed he wrote in The Daily Tar Heel, but he voted to increase college tuition as student body president at UNC and as a state Senator.
  7. Cunningham falsely accused Senator Tillis of not advocating for more testing equipment in North Carolina, when in reality, as the National Journal pointed outTillis pressed the administration for more testing equipment back in early March.
  8. Cunningham falsely claimed that the Green New Deal  wasn’t a real proposal in order to avoid taking a position on it.
  9. Cunningham campaigned for the state Senate promising not to raise taxes only to get elected and hike them by $1 billion during the 2001 recession.
  10. Cunningham has said everyone should pay their fair share in taxes, but he abused a tax credit program to make $39,000 worth of lavish renovations to his house.