Would Cunningham Join Chuck Schumer In Voting Against Common-Sense Police Reform?

Wednesday, June 24th, 2020

Cunningham Claims To Support Many Provisions In The Justice Act

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The Senate today will take up the Justice Act, the common-sense police reform bill that is cosponsored by Senator Tillis. As Democrats plot to defeat the measure, North Carolinians deserve to know if Cal Cunningham would blindly follow the orders of Chuck Schumer and vote against this critical legislation if he were in the Senate.

On June 11th, Cunningham released his ideas for police reform (many of which are in the Justice Act) and said: “We cannot let this moment pass. We need to take action right now.” Would he really vote to block any chance at advancing so many of what he claims are his own police reform priorities? 

It’s not surprising that Cunningham will not give a clear answer as to how he would vote on the Justice Act. Throughout Cunningham’s entire campaign, he’s refused to be clear about his positions and has been criticized by members of the media for being “vague in his answers, even after repeated questions.” In the past few weeks alone, he’s refused to answer whether or not he would vote for:

Cunningham is working overtime to hide his real positions from voters because he knows that North Carolinians will reject him when they learn that he is just another rubber-stamp for Chuck Schumer’s extreme liberal agenda.