With Pelosi Still Holding Impeachment Hostage, Will Cal Cunningham Come Out Of His Windowless Basement And Address The Issue?

January 9th, 2020 

Impeachment Was One Of Cunningham’s First Priorities After Announcing Candidacy

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Cal Cunningham made it a priority to voice his support for an impeachment inquiry during his first television interview after announcing his candidacy, but since then he’s tried to do everything he can to dodge the issue. In keeping with the criticism that he has received from his own party and the press that he is “hiding in a “windowless basement” and is being “vague” on the issues, Cunningham has gone off the grid since the House voted to impeach President Trump, not participating in a single interview since December 12th.

As Nancy Pelosi continues to hold the articles of impeachment hostage despite opposition from Senate Democrats, here are some outstanding questions members of the media should ask Silent Cal about impeachment:


  1. Does he think the House had enough evidence to vote to impeach President Trump and bring about a trial in the Senate? Would he have voted to impeach the President? (*Yes, it’s been three weeks and he still has no position on this*)
  2. Does he support Nancy Pelosi’s move to hold the articles of impeachment hostage, which has pushed back the Senate trial and will result in more time before Congress can resume working on the issues that matter to North Carolinians? If so, how long does Cunningham think Pelosi should keep up her political stunt before moving the process forward?
  3. Cunningham said in October that impeachment should be a “bipartisan effort,” so does he support rules for a Senate trial matching those that passed unanimously during the Clinton impeachment process?
  4. Does he support removing the President from office?
  5. If Cunningham is not ready to take a position on removal because he thinks the Senators should be impartial at this point, does that mean he thinks his benefactor Chuck Schumer was wrong in 1998-1999 when he said the Senate is “not like a jury box,” that Senators can have “pre-opinions” on impeachment, and when he ripped his Senate opponent for being “the only person in America with no opinion on the matter?”
  6. Why did Cunningham support impeachment in his first major interview given he has avoided talking about it since it became a reality?


Earlier this week the Tillis for Senate campaign launched senditorendit.com, a paid microsite where North Carolinians can sign a petition to tell Nancy Pelosi to either send the Senate the articles of impeachment, or end the process all together and get back to work on the issues that matter.