Why Does Cunningham Want A President Who Will Raise Taxes On The Middle Class?

March 10th, 2020

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – As Democrats make their selections in presidential primaries across the country tonight, North Carolinians should be reminded that Cal Cunningham has already made his. Cunningham has vowed to support whoever wins the Democratic nomination for president, and late last week it was confirmed that both of his remaining choices would raise taxes on the middle class.

Bernie Sanders has admitted that his Medicare for All plan would result in tax increases for anyone making $29,000 or more, and last Thursday the left-leaning Tax Policy Center said that Joe Biden’s plan would result in hikes for all income levels.

Cal Cunningham claims to support a tax proposal that benefits the middle class, so he should explain to middle class North Carolinians why he is backing presidential candidates who want to take away their hard earned tax dollars.