Why Do Cal Cunningham And Erica Smith Favor Wasting Tax Dollars To Track Down Violent Illegal Immigrants Who Should Still Be In Custody?

ICE Has Been Forced To Recapture Criminals Twice In Last Week Due To Sanctuary Policies In North Carolina

CHARLOTTE, N.C – Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) twice expended additional resources in North Carolina during the past week in order to track down violent illegal immigrants who were released on to the streets by county sheriffs as a result of their sanctuary policies. While Democratic Senate candidates Cal Cunningham and Erica Smith  both support sanctuary cities, they have yet to comment on whether these recent developments have put North Carolinians at risk or whether they support ICE wasting manpower apprehending violent criminals who could have been easily transferred over to them by local law enforcement in the first place.

“Cal Cunningham and Erica Smith not only support sanctuary policies that put North Carolinians at risk, but they also support the federal government wasting resources to offset the reckless decisions being made by county sheriffs in the state,” said Tillis campaign spokesman Andrew Romeo. “North Carolinians deserve a Senator who stands up to local law enforcement when they are not doing their jobs, not one that thinks it’s acceptable to have a violent felon roam the streets unchecked for days while making taxpayers foot the bill for unnecessary rescue efforts from Washington.”

ICE could again be forced to waste resources to track down and recapture violent illegal immigrants in North Carolina in the near future. Last week, ICE announced that Wake County is shielding three violent illegal immigrants from being turned over to federal officials. Among the current illegal immigrants being detained by Wake County who may be released back into the community after ICE’s detainer request is ignored or declined include:

  • An individual charged with first degree rape of a child.
  • An individual charged with indecent liberties with a child and with attempted 2nd degree forcible rape.
  • An individual charged with stalking and statutory rape of a child.

Sanctuary policies being deployed by sheriffs across North Carolina have garnered increased attention in recent months. WBTV-Charlotte  recently reported that nearly 500 undocumented immigrants, including people charged with sex offenses, kidnapping, arson and homicide, have been released from jails across the state in the past ten months despite detainers filed against them by ICE.

Senator Tillis has introduced two separate pieces of legislation to address the risks posed by sanctuary cities across the country. The measures:

  • Would compel local law enforcement officials to honor federal detainer requests or face possible civil action by victims and the loss of federal grants.
  • Would offer sheriffs incentives to cooperate with ICE.