Tillis Statement On The Senate Democratic Primary

March 3rd, 2020

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Senator Thom Tillis issued the following statement on the results of the Senate Democratic primary:

“I am honored to have earned the Republican nomination tonight, and pledge to work as hard as I can to hold this seat and get President Trump re-elected so that we can continue to partner on wins for North Carolinians of all backgrounds and political affiliations.

“This race will present a clear contrast between me and my opponent, Cal Cunningham. I want to keep working with President Trump to create jobs, boost wages, secure winning trade deals, rebuild our military, improve health care for veterans, combat sanctuary cities, and confirm well-qualified judges to the federal bench. My opponent, on the other hand, spent his primary embracing far left positions like removing President Trump from office, repealing the 2017 tax cuts, enabling sanctuary cities, opposing America-First trade policies, and criticizing the killing of a murderous terrorist from Iran.

“These positions alone would be dangerous for North Carolina, but now that Mr. Cunningham has vowed to support whoever wins the Democratic nomination for President, this race will certainly be a referendum on the free market policies that have made this country great, and the radical liberal agenda of higher taxes and more government control being advocated for by the national Democratic party.

“I am pleased that my opponent has already accepted my challenge to participate in five debates during the general election, and believe I will be victorious in this race when North Carolinians are made aware of the stark differences between my record of common-sense conservative accomplishments and the socialist direction the Democrats want to take this country in.”