Tillis Statement On Elizabeth Warren’s Visit To North Carolina

November 7th, 2019

CHARLOTTE, N.C –  Ahead of Elizabeth Warren’s campaign stops in Greensboro and Raleigh today, Senator Thom Tillis released a statement reiterating his support for President Trump. Tillis also pointed out that as the hand-picked candidate of the liberal D.C. establishment, Cal Cunningham’s silence on Warren and her priorities indicates he will be a rubber stamp for her radical, liberal agenda. 

“Elizabeth Warren’s plans to raise taxes on the middle class, eliminate employer-based health insurance, implement a government takeover of the economy through the Green New Deal, decriminalize illegal border crossings, and provide taxpayer funded health care for illegal immigrants would be disastrous for the people of North Carolina, and I will continue to stand against them as long as I am in the Senate. 

“I have been clear that the best way to continue moving North Carolina and the country forward is to reelect President Trump so he and I can continue working together to secure the border, confirm conservative judges, create jobs, and rebuild our military. 

“On the other hand, Cal Cunningham has not been clear about who he will support for president, and his reluctance to oppose Elizabeth Warren and her harmful priorities should signal to the people of North Carolina that he will be just another rubber stamp for her radical liberal agenda.”  


  • Although he’s called the ideas coming out of the Democratic primary “refreshing,” Cal Cunningham has declined to endorse a candidate for president or pledge to support whichever Democrat wins the nomination.
  • Instead, Cunningham has been accused by members of his own party of hiding in a “windowless basement” on the orders of Chuck Schumer in order to avoid having to talk to voters and the media about where he stands on the radical liberal agendas of the Democrats running for president.
  • Cunningham has been notably absent from the events the Democratic presidential candidates have held in North Carolina. Cunningham has skipped events held by Bernie SandersBeto O’Rourke, and Joe Biden.  
  • Cunningham’s Democratic primary opponent, Erica Smith, has already endorsed Kamala Harris.