The Democratic Primary Has Been A Race To The Left

February 27th, 2020

CHARLOTTE, N.C.During an interview with Spectrum News’ Tim Boyum that aired yesterday, Cal Cunningham made the delusional claim that he would be “a strong independent voice” in the Senate no matter who the next President is, and that he could work with President Trump. The reality is that both Cunningham and Erica Smith have spent their entire primary racing to the left and have failed to articulate any policies that they agree with President Trump on. Here’s a breakdown of all of the radical, liberal positions both candidates have taken during the last few months.   


  • Called for President Trump’s impeachment even prior to the release of the transcript of the Zelensky call and said he would have voted to remove the President from office rather than let the people of North Carolina decide his fate at the ballot box

  • Vowed to repeal the 2017 tax cuts that have led to record low unemployment for women and minorities, rising wages for blue collar workers, and more take home pay for the average North Carolinian

  • Opposed President Trump’s trade policies and refused to back the bipartisan USMCA that even North Carolina Democrats David Price, Alma Adams, and G.K. Butterfield voted in favor of

  • Criticized Senator Tillis’ legislation to combat sanctuary cities and instead favors“enabling” them

  • Said killing Iranian terrorist murderer Gen. Qassim Sulemaini, who was a direct threat to our men and women serving overseas, made us less safe

  • Made a TV ad where he said that the charges being leveled against him in another TV ad – that he would not vote for the Green New Deal or Medicare for All – were “just not true” 


Their primary has proven that Cal Cunningham and Erica Smith are both far-left liberals that are out of step with North Carolinians, and their recent decision to support a Bernie Sanders candidacy confirms that fact.