Cal Cunningham Is In Deep Trouble In His Primary Because He’s Dodging Key Issues Cunningham Loves To Talk About Poll Numbers, What Does He Think Of Fox News’ Latest Survey?

November 15th, 2019

Cunningham Loves To Talk About Poll Numbers, What Does He Think Of Fox News’ Latest Survey?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. –  A bombshell Fox News poll was released last night that confirmed Cal Cunningham’s strategy of hiding from voters and the media in his “windowless basement” on the orders of Chuck Schumer has been an utter failure. Despite being the handpicked candidate of the DSCC, Cunningham is trailing his primary opponent Erica Smith by five points, and 49% of Democratic primary voters did not know enough about any of the candidates to form an opinion of who to vote for.

What’s worse for Cunningham is that the survey shows that he is losing to Smith with women by nine points, and by 11 points with minorities – both of which make up the bulk of the Democratic primary electorate in North Carolina.

What’s the reason for Cunningham’s struggles? He has done just 10 total interviews since entering the race five months ago, he’s yet to hold a public event, and members of the media have been critical of him for not taking stances on key issues.

  • The Intercept wrote: “Cunningham, who lost a primary for Senate in 2010, is distinguished by having no distinguishing politics, precisely the type of candidate Washington consultants like to build assembly-line ads around. You know the kind: two-minute biographical portraits with lots of aerial shots that decry “corruption,” followed by ads with the family in the driveway talking about their state’s values. (The Intercept, 8/15/19)

  • WFAE reported, “But on other issues, he (Cunningham) was vague in his answers, even after repeated questions. Immigration is one, specifically whether undocumented immigrants should receive health care under a government-run plan.The Green New Deal is another. (WFAE, 10/25/19)

Instead of policy, Cunningham has focused his campaign on discussing poll numbers. In fact, he’s sent 20 press releases and 71 fundraising emails mentioning polling of the race. 

It is now indisputable that Democratic primary voters have been more receptive to Erica Smith’s clear stances on critical issues. Smith has campaigned with radical Democratic candidates like Elizabeth Warren, as well as backed policies such as:

  • Medicare for All (American Bridge, “Town Hall,” 9/30/19, 12:26)
  • The Green New Deal (American Bridge, “Town Hall,” 9/30/19, 23:06)
  • Sheila Jackson Lee’s Reparations Bill: (Twitter, 7/30/19)
  • Putting President Trump Behind Bars: (The Rick Smith Show, 8/13/19, 1:17:20)

Cunningham hasn’t endorsed a presidential candidate, or taken a position on any of the above policies. 

*Since Cunningham loves talking about polls, members of the media should ask him why he’s in trouble, and if Democratic voters will once again reject him for his lack of ideas and unwillingness to be seen in public, just like they did 10 years ago. Cunningham has spent his whole life attempting to become a career politician, the only problem is he can never seem to get North Carolina Democrats to support him.