Biden Reminds North Carolinians That He And Cunningham Would Raise Their Taxes

June 30th, 2020

Cunningham Raised Taxes In State Senate, Wants To Do So Again At Federal Level

CHARLOTTE, N.C. –  Independent analysts have already noted that Joe Biden’s economic plan would raise taxes on all income brackets, and the former Vice President yesterday doubled down on his proposal, as he told supporters, “I’m going to get rid of the bulk of Trump’s $2 trillion tax cuts, and a lot of you may not like that.” Biden’s comments bring the contrast on taxes in the North Carolina Senate race back into the spotlight.

While Senator Tillis cut taxes for North Carolinians both as Speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives and in the U.S. Senate, Cal Cunningham voted to raise taxes when he was in the state Senate and is vowing to do so again at the federal level.

As Biden continues to reiterate his desire to raise taxes, Cunningham needs to answer why he thinks North Carolinians can afford to turn more of their hard-earned dollars over to the government in the midst of a pandemic.